Membership Marketing on a Budget: Perfecting Case Studies

Case studies aren’t a new concept, but when marketers are continually taught to think outside the box, it’s easy to forget an old classic. As a professional association, not only are your members your customers, they are also your most important member benefit, because it is access to other like-minded professionals that your new prospects are signing up for. Written case studies highlight this benefit by showcasing the range of professional talent within your organisation. As an added bonus, case studies will attract inbound links, enhance your SEO and provide soundbites for other marketing activities.

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Digital Insights: What does Brexit mean for digital?



It is nearly two months since the UK voted to leave the EU. A great deal is still unknown about what this will mean for the UK. PARN is helping members consider the issues at an open event this week, so I thought I’d look at what Brexit could mean for the digital arena.

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PMA: Are You A Good Mediator?

What does it take to be a good mediator? What is the role (and purpose) of conflict in today’s workplaces? Why is it so important that managers have strong mediation skills?

We get the answers from David Liddle, an expert working with the Professional Mediators’ Association.

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GTCS: Teaching Scotland

In our new series, we’re taking a look at some of the best membership magazines and journals in the sector. This month we’re with the General Teaching Council for Scotland and their publication, Teaching Scotland

Evelyn Wilkins, Editor of Teaching Scotland, writes exclusively for us on the print-digital divide – do readers really prefer to read their magazines online?


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21st Century Professionals

Scientific Glassblowing: Professionalisation and Technicians

What’s life like as a glassblower? We met Stephen Ramsay, Scientific Glassblower and member of the British Society of Scientific Glassblowers, to find out more!

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