5 Ways of Using PARN Research

ResearchWe’re always running new research projects and regularly release publications based on the data we collect. But how can you put our data to good use? Our team have come up with 5 great tips for making the most of our research…


1. Show off your membership value

Make like the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and use our academic research to show off how membership with your organisation compares to the rest of the sector.



The BCI use our data to demonstrate how cost-effective their organisation is in terms of their staff : member ratio. This is a great way of showing how your professional body puts members first!


2. Share our research bites with your staff to spark income ideas

One of our projects this year dealt with diversifying income streams. We haven’t been passing around the initial report to too many people, so if you decide to read it you’ll be ingesting some cutting-edge, exclusive data!

In this research project we look at how professional bodies can (and, indeed, do) generate income from everything from non-members and events to funding sources and assessment fees!

Income Sources from Non-Members pARN


3. Use our case studies to offer innovative ways of influencing Government

This year we’ve also looked into different ways professional bodies influence Government. You can use another of our exclusive reports from 2015 to find out which approaches professional bodies are taking!

Do you direct lobbying campaigns on a local level or at Westminster? Do you take on multiple issues at once or do you focus on one problem at a time, and which approach works best for you? Which industry attempts to influence Government most? Get the answers to all these questions in the report!

Influencing Government V2.0


4. Make like The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs (TOPRA) and set your reserves policy with our data.

Our annual Financial Benchmarking Report brings together and analyses the financial information from over 350 organisations! This year we’ve uncovered some new professional bodies to add to the collection, so this year’s Report promises to be our biggest yet.

The range and quality of our data makes it a fantastic resource for examining your own policy: TOPRA describe the Report as a ‘robust benchmark for reserves levels’.



5. Use our latest research to set up guidelines for your social media policy

Our latest report deals with social media policy at professional bodies!

Do you provide social media training or support to your staff? Our research shows that a surprising number of professional bodies offer no guidance at all, and even more have no social media policy in place.

Some organisations encourage staff to use personal accounts to share news; others keep a firm divide between work and personal social networking.

By finding out what other professional bodies are up to, you can decide what works best for your organisation in a world that is increasingly online, and increasingly ‘social’.

social media budget

Look out for the in-depth social media publication, Under Control: Social Media at Professional Bodies, to be released at our 2015 winter conference!


Read more about current & upcoming research projects from PARN.


How does your professional body use our research? Let us know in the comments!

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