Sector Comment: CBI Bring their Code of Conduct to Life!

Abiding by your organisation’s regulation policy is of particular importance if you’re working in a wide-reaching and sensitive sector such as banking. In order to make their Code of Professional Conduct more accessible, the Chartered Banker Institute produced a video outlining the responsibilities of their membership.

Read on to view the video…

The Chartered Banker Institute’s members are bound by their Code of Professional Conduct. The code sets out the ethical and professional attitudes and behaviours expected to help restore confidence and trust in the banking profession. To bring the code to life the Institute created a video, featuring two Chartered Banker employees; Jennifer Mallon and Michael Downey.

Venturing into video content was the result of Institute members requesting more visual content in a members’ survey, particularly on the subject of ethics and thought leadership. Delighted with the response to the videos, the Institute have gone beyond codes of conduct and produced further video content intended to heighten awareness of their work both internally and externally.


Find out more about CBI’s Code of Professional Conduct on their website. 

Do professional bodies have a responsibility to ensure their code of conduct is circulated widely? Is video content an effective means of maintaining awareness of policy? Let us know! 

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