Digital Insights: Hosting Tweetchats to Promote Professions

AbbyWright-ParkesI wanted to kick off my monthly Digital Insights guest blog by talking to the Law Society about its #Solicitorhour tweetchat, a weekly facilitated chat on Twitter. Most professional bodies use Twitter, but not all host tweetchats, so it was great to hear how it uses Twitter in this way to benefit members and the wider public.


An integrated approach

#Solicitorhour began in September 2014 as part of the Use a professional campaign launched by the Law Society in the same month.

The aim of the campaign was to remind the public to use a solicitor for legal advice instead of unregulated providers. The campaign encouraged people to tap into the expert knowledge of regulated and insured Law Society members in six specific legal areas – personal injury, criminal law, conveyancing, wills and probate, business and family law including divorce.


Solicitor Hour - Who is it for?


The creative and highly visual campaign which also includes online media such as ITV Player ads, railway station adverts and bus adverts was seen by millions of people. Law Society members were able to use images from the campaign to produce their own marketing materials too.

The Find a Solicitor website which the campaign also promotes helps people search a database of nearly 145,000 legal professionals across England and Wales.



The tweetchat

#Solicitorhour (which takes place weekly on a Thursday from 1pm – 2pm) was launched so that members of the public can ask questions directly to solicitors. They can also use the hashtag to go back to previous hours and research answers from different topics.

Members of the Law Society are encouraged to get involved and take part in answering the questions. Each week there is a different topic. A separate @solicitorhour Twitter account has been established to help manage the process and they use the usual ‘Q1’ and ‘A1’ format for managing the hour.


Solicitor Hour - why get involved
Taking part in the tweetchat enables Law Society members to showcase their expertise and knowledge and promote their business to a wider audience and it provides the general public with direct access to qualified legal help.


The results

Since September 2014 when it was started the #solicitor hashtag has:

  • appeared in over 28 million twitter timelines
  • been seen by over three million viewers
  • been featured in over 10,000 tweets
  • and has been used by over 2000 unique contributors.

You can find out more here.



#Solicitorhour is a great example of how Twitter can help you connect your various audiences. It has obviously taken resource, but I thought the Law Society’s tweetchats show what professional bodies can do with social media.

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