Digital Insights: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Storify To Re-Tell Your Event Story


Storify isn’t a new tool but it is under-used in my opinion by professional bodies. It’s a great online resource for curating the social media content generated from events (and other hashtags) so you can re-share it with your audience.


How it works


Storify is really easy to use and intuitive. To get started you need to sign up to a free account (there is also a paid pro version), you decide which channel you want to search and then look for the chosen hashtag. Storify will then return a list of relevant mentions. It searches the last 10 days, so you need to create the Storify fairly quickly after the event.

You then create your Storify and drag the relevant mentions across into it. Once published, you can share it with your audience. It also automatically tags people who are mentioned in the content, so you can alert them to the fact they are included.




Here are 5 reasons why I think professional bodies should use Storify:


  1. It extends the life of your event
    Organising events takes a lot of effort and resource, so extending the impact of your events is always a good idea.
  2. It creates a sense of community for the event attendees
    Including people’s social media comments after an event brings those that were at the event together and reminds them of the positive experience – with the hope that they may then share with their followers.
  3. It helps you reach new audiences
    Sharing your Storify across social media can help you reach new people who weren’t aware of your events previously, making it a good marketing tool.
  4. It helps you create additional content easily
    Social media is very content-hungry. A Storify is an easy way to create a piece of content you can share across your social channels.
  5. You can add extra content into your Storify
    Storify can help push viewers to different content pieces. You don’t just need to share hashtagged content, you can include other media from across your channels if you wish.




For different examples of Storify in action see:


Will you give Storify a go? If you are already using it, how has your organisation used and benefited from it?

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