Digital Insights: 5 Ways to Use Photos on Your Social Channels


For inspiration for this month’s blog topic I was reviewing various membership body social channels. Something stood out, especially on Twitter – the lack of images. You have probably heard that images are more sharable on social media. Here are some Twitter stats from Buffer (the scheduling tool provider)…

Tweets with images:

  • Receive 18% more clicks
  • 89% more likes (or what was ‘favourite’)
  • 150% more retweets

Most social channels will pull a thumb nail image from the associated webpage to accompany the text, but you have the most control over what is displayed if you use an image instead of the thumbnail.

So, this month I wanted to talk about 5 ways you can use photos as part of your social media content.


1. Feature your members


Most membership organisations cite ‘recommendation’ as one of the top reasons that members join them. So what better way to promote your organisation than by using your members? I love the Design Business Association image below. It is visually interesting, but the accompanying tweet also delivers a clear message: DBA membership is worth it.




2. Share activities


Professional photos are worth paying for at big events etc., but often there are things your organisation is doing that would be good to show your members. A smartphone shot of an activity, like the one the Metropolitan Police Federation shared below, can provide an insight into your organisation that members aren’t normally privy to. What you see as routine might just be of interest to your members.




3. Create the photo opportunities


There is no way to tell in advance if something will be a hit on social media, but you can try to encourage your members to share images. I love the AAT’s #luckysocks campaign, which sees them giving out socks to their students, many of whom then share on social media along with thoughts on their studies and exams.



4. Promote your services


Pictures can be a subtle way to promote your services. I follow the British Footwear Association on Instagram. They are good at taking interesting shots and accompanying them with a short promotion:



5. Grab attention


Finally, an obvious point perhaps, but images help grab attention. With a timeline full of text updates, images stand out. They don’t have to be particularly clever or original, but just a good visual. I like how the IPSE use a picture of the Houses of Parliament to accompany a tweet and LinkedIn update about their response to a media story.






What do you think? Is there room for more images on your social channels? Do leave a comment below.


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