Diversifying Income Streams Conference: Early Bird Offer

How can professional bodies generate income in today’s challenging environment?

We’re exploring the challenges and pitfalls of creating and diversifying income streams at 2016’s spring conference.

We’ll be launching our latest research project at this very topical event, which aims to examine potential areas of growth for professional bodies. Helping you to define the key issues in this area, we’ll be discussing return on investment, as well as questioning whether commercial ventures really do risk alienating members.

As usual, our conference will focus on professional bodies specifically, allowing you to take advantage of our specialist knowledge. The event will include a wealth of highly-relevant case studies, interactive workshops and presentations from leading professional bodies.

Want to come along? We’re offering 25% off for the first 30 delegates to book their place!

To learn more about what our conferences are all about, see our round-up of our winter conference.









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