Digital Insights: 3 Affordable Tools For Creating Your Own Infographics


With the information overload we experience these days, images are a great way to cut through to deliver your messages to your audience. As you probably know, images on social media are particularly effective – some reports suggest visual content results in 94% more views than posts without them.

Membership organisations often have to communicate reports or sets of data, which can be fairly dry. Creating an infographic is a good way to offer the content in a visual way.

Now, I’d always suggest using a professional graphic designer where you can – they are trained to make information look good! However, sometimes there isn’t the budget to do that, so I wanted to share some tools you can use yourself to create infographics.

Canva Infographic maker

Canva has enabled lots of marketers to produce nice looking images for free, or low cost (the pro version is from US $12.95 a month). They also have a dedicated infographic creator, which with its drag and drop functionality is very easy to use with the selection of templates. They also offer registered charities access to the pro version for free if you meet their criteria.


Piktochart is a dedicated infographic production tool. It has lots of great templates, fonts and it is easy to use. It has a free version, with the pro starting at US$15 per month. They also offer free pro access for charities.


Venngage is another great tool. It offers templates and enables you to produce charts using your data. It also has a free version and a pro from US$19 per month, with a reduced rate of US$10 for non-profits.


If you want inspiration for your own infographics, here are a couple of examples of how membership bodies are using infographics:


What could you use these tools to communicate?

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