REC: Good Recruitment Campaign – Three Years On

Getting the right people to work at your organisation is arguably the most important element of a successful business. Improving your recruitment process, however, can be a challenging endeavour; attracting and retaining the right candidates involves effective marketing, communications, and HR.

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But what if your business had access to cross-organisational research and data on providing the best candidate journey? Or a benchmarking function that could compare your attraction strategy to another organisation’s? What if you could attend workshops and receive support from the most successful HR and In-House Recruitment leaders in the UK?

What if all of this was completely free?

The Good Recruitment Campaign (GRC) will be turning 3 in April this year, and over 200 organisations have joined the initiative, including BBC, John Lewis, Vodafone, Shazam, and many more businesses of various sizes and sectors.

Each GRC signatory makes a commitment to an aspirational charter of good practice, and in return, gains access to resources aimed at managing recruitment risks, reducing costs, and enhancing the employer brand. The aim of the GRC is to help businesses use the UK workforce to its full potential, while also providing a great candidate experience.

After undergoing a massive overhaul of the GRC brand and website in 2016, this year’s focus will be on bringing more valuable content to the newly improved online platform. In addition to the standard benefits, the campaign will also see the introduction of two new features; a peer review process, and a mentoring scheme.

The new GRC peer review will allow organisations to go into each other’s in-house recruitment functions and review their processes against the charter. The new process will involve site visits, feedback reports, and future action-planning for the development of more effective recruitment strategies.

Meanwhile, the GRC mentoring scheme will continue the exchange of ideas around best recruitment practice, but on an individual level. GRC signatories will receive exclusive access to this feature, designed for those team members seeking professional and personal development.GRC logo

If you would like to provide your association and its members with a competitive advantage while making a positive change in the recruitment industry, why not become a part of the GRC? The initiative is led by a collaboration of businesses that are continuously working towards improving the performance of their organisation. Join the Good Recruitment Campaign, and tap your organisation into the resources that will help it grow.

For more information on the GRC, and how you can become involved, please visit and register your interest.

Alternatively, you can drop Kuba a line at [email protected]

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