Digital Insights: 3 Steps to Making the Most of your Evergreen Content


The world of social media is one that is characterised by its speed and immediacy.

Indeed, this is a major part of its appeal but as it’s such a fast-paced AbbyWright-Parkesenvironment it can be easy to think that only new content matters. This can place a burden on any organisation as they strive to fill up their social feeds with fresh content.

However, you could be missing a trick if you aren’t making the most of the content that you already have – content that can stand the test of time. This is known as evergreen content.

What is evergreen content?

In two words, evergreen content is content that is both timeless and relevant. Just as an evergreen tree stays green all year round, evergreen content always stays fresh and useful to your audience.

Not all content is timeless – some is time-sensitive – but many different types of content can have a long shelf life. From ‘How to…’ guides to FAQs or personal stories, this is the sort of content that will always retain its value to an audience.


What makes content evergreen?

Content is evergreen when it continues to talk to your audience, and when it answers the questions they are asking and solves the problems they are experiencing. This is why it is vital to get under the skin of your audience. You must fully understand your audience and appreciate what type of content they need and how they use it.

Understanding what evergreen content is and reaping the full benefits of it for your organisation are two different things.

Here are my 3 steps to making the most of your evergreen content.

  1. Re-share it

This is an obvious one, but social media posts have a very limited life. A tweet will disappear out of view on your followers’ feeds in next to no time. There are plenty of Facebook statistics that show the reach, power and potential of the platform, but it’s also worth remembering that the average post will have amassed 75% of its lifetime impressions in just the first two and a half hours.

What all this means is that you shouldn’t be afraid to re-share. In order to reach more followers you need to share more than once.

  1. Boost it

Evergreen content is ripe for boosting via advertising or promoting through your other channels. If you have content that is already popular, then it could easily resonate with a much wider audience. Boosting your evergreen content in this way is just like giving it a gentle nudge in the right direction. This helpful podcast talks about the benefit of boosting your most popular content through Facebook advertising.

  1. Repurpose it

Another approach is to repurpose your evergreen content. If it already resonates with audiences, it can reach further still by being tweaked and turned into new content. This could be an additional blog post, an infographic or images and videos. Repurposing can be helpful for SEO and is a great way of generally extending the life of your content.

Making the most of your evergreen content will enable your organisation to keep the content wheel turning.

What do you think? Do you make the most of your evergreen content at your organisation?

Abby Wright-Parkes is a membership development and marketing consultant who works with professional membership organisations to recruit, engage and retain their members. She operates under the brand name, Optimist Consulting (as she is one!). Connect with her via her website or @abby_w_p

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