SoH: Remaining Homeopathy Services Threatened By High Court Ruling

The Faculty of Homeopathy has criticised the High Court’s rejection of the British Homeopathic Association’s legal challenge to the 2017 NHS England consultation recommending GPs stop prescribing homeopathy.

In a blog post for the Society of Homeopaths, Faculty chief executive Greg White said it was concerned that the decision would jeopardise the future of remaining services in England and limit the clinical freedom of members working in general practice as well as being a serious blow to all who want to see wider access to the therapy.

“This poses a direct threat to the continuation of training of healthcare professionals in homeopathy and recruitment would therefore inevitably become much more problematic,” he said.

Greg added that because healthcare professionals are being denied the opportunity to practise homeopathy within the NHS, the Faculty has experienced trouble in attracting students to training courses, but it was stepping up its efforts to recruit from abroad.

“Homeopathy is facing a challenging period, but the Faculty remains committed to supporting its members within the NHS to practise according to their skills and experience … while, at the same time, planning for a future when that may no longer be possible.”

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