A Chartered Environmentalist’s Place in the Employment World

With increasing numbers of Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv) across a broad range of professions and sectors, I wanted to focus on the employers of CEnvs and how they interact with the professional registration.

CEnvWe see many cases of employers utilising the CEnv competences within their organisations to support their sustainability strategies. How do you, as an employer, ensure that your team has the current level of professional competence to sign off your environmental management system? How do you prove to your clients that the environmental decisions for a project have been made by an expert with up-to-date knowledge in their discipline? CEnv status provides the reassurance required.

We know some employers require environmental matters to be approved are signed off by CEnvs, either in their staff or supply chain. This isn’t as wide spread as for Chartered Engineers currently, but the trend is in that direction – which the Society overwhelmingly supports.

The CPD element of professional registration ensures our registrants have proven, and subsequently maintained, their competence and are therefore ideal for leading on environmentally related decisions. It also highlights their commitment to their professionalism and to continual learning.

Employers are now starting to lead on the need for CEnvs within their teams and future plans. Staff development includes paths to CEnv registration and job adverts include CEnv as a requirement. We very much look forward to this continuing, and we will be boosting our efforts to ensure that it does.

To add to this, the requirement for CEnvs becomes apparent when noting the number of high level positions that CEnvs hold, including; Director of Environment, CEO, Chief Policy Advisor, Director of Engineering, Head of Environment Strategy, Group Head of Environment and the Managing Director of a bank. The likelihood of such individuals hiring CEnvs and creating company policy to ensure CEnvs are at the forefront of decision making is clear.

From September, the Society is starting a programme of work to showcase those practices involving CEnvs, helping others learn and adopt a similar approach. Please get in touch to showcase the role CEnvs play in your organisation or if you would like to learn from others.


Written by Phil Underwood, a marketing executive at the Society for the Environment.

The Society for the Environment is the body responsible for the registration of environmental professionals.  They are the custodian of the Chartered Environmentalist and Registered Environmental Technician registers, and since 2004 have established a sound platform as the body tasked with championing and registering the expertise of environmental professionals.

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