One in eight solicitors has been a victim of violence due to their work

New research by the Law Society Scotland has revealed that 12% (one in eight) solicitors has suffered an attack because of their line of work.

The survey was made up of the experiences of over 1,100 solicitors in Scotland, making the survey the first of its kind in the country.

The research also shows that:

  • A third (33%) have been threatened in some way
  • 40% of criminal defence solicitors have been the victims of violence
  • 25% of family lawyers have been the victims of violence
  • 19% of prosecutors have been victims of violence

Alison Atack, the president of the Law Society of Scotland, was alarmed by the survey results.

She said:

“It’s vital that solicitors, who have chosen a career in law because they want to help others, can feel safe and secure while carrying out their professional duties.”

Scottish Labour MSP Daniel Johnson said:

“Perhaps most shocking is that lawyers seem to be accepting that violence and abuse are just part of the job – with just a fifth going on to report the crime. That clearly shows the need to strengthen the law and send a clear signal that violence, threats and abuse are unacceptable.”


To read more visit: Law Society of Scotland

Read the Violence Survey 2018 here



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